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What is the difference between F-MELT® Type C and Type M ?

Basically, there is no significant difference between both Types except for one of the components out of five. Type C contains Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous (Fujicalin®) and Type M contains Magnesium Alminometasilicate (Neusilin®). As a general rule, F-MELT® Type C is suggested for faster disintegration needs and F-MELT® Type M for higher flowability and improved tablet quality needs. However, we suggest our customers to test both F-MELT® Types to achieve best compatibility with their APIs and formulations.

What is F-MELT® ?

F-MELT® is a brand name of Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd for a directly compressible and co-spray dried powder, containing 5 pharmaceutical excipients designed for orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs).

What are the advantages of F-MELT® for pharmaceutical customers?

What is the difference between F-MELT® and physical mixed powder of 5 pharmaceutical excipients ?

F-MELT® is a co-spray dried powder. Co-Spray drying brings in additional powder properties like spherical particle and increased porosity. This facilitates easy water up-take, which leads to faster disintegration of the tablets in the oral cavity. The Physical mixing of different components will not have the above properties making it inconsistent and unreliable with respect to OD tablet characteristics. In addition, a physical mixed powder may not be suitable for high speed tabletting.

Can F-MELT® be used for nutraceutical ODTs ?

In EU, USA, Canada, and many South East Asian countries the components of Type C are authorized to use for food application, including nutraceutical application. We recommend our customers to check the regulatory status of each component before deciding a formulation for nutraceutical application.